Balladonial Museum

Within the Balladonia Hotel Motel complex is our cultural heritage museum. We've spent years collecting interesting artifacts and curating a range of informative displays that give visitors an understanding of the local area and our history. You can easily spend an hour or two rifling though the various exhibits, learning fun facts about this unique part of Australia.

What you'll learn

The museum covers a range of interesting subjects including:

  • Aboriginal heritage
  • European exploration and settlement
  • the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • construction of the Eyre Highway
  • artifacts from settler's life
  • information about local flora and fauna

The main focus of our museum though, is on the fiery re-entry of NASA's Skylab space station in 1979 (which incidentally coincided with Balladonia's centenary of settlement). Our collection includes documents from NASA, a recreation of actual events, photos and related ephemera. We even have a life-sized replica of some of the debris sitting on top of our roof!

When to visit

The museum is open daily and entry is free. Kids and school groups are especially welcome. If you'd like more information about the museum, or any of our displays, please get in touch.